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Therefore, the Latin "de la Hyde" would translate into "of the Hyde" or "of the Plowed Valley" or something of that sort. With the Latin "de la" prefix, the name conforms to a Norman naming practice brought to England by William the Conqueror.

Although this is tempting notion, the early records of England do not confirm or deny that the name comes from Norman members of William the Conqueror’s entourage.

If so, he would have a served a period of servitude to pay off his debt to the person paying his passage.

There is another possibility that Francis was pardoned by the King for a crime and transported to the colonies — and if so, he would have been compelled to serve a period of fourteen years as an indentured servant.

The estates of the Anglo-Irish were kept intact by a system of inheritance called primogeniture, wherein the first born son inherited the complete estate upon the death of his father.

Other sons in such a family were well educated, but received no land or property upon their father’s death.

He also served as a county judge, coroner, land commissioner, election official, and as the High Sheriff of Baltimore County.

From about 1695 to 1721, he owned over 800 acres of land, a portion of which was a named estate, "Francis’ Choice", which he had acquired in 1694.

Under these conditions, it is not surprising that he would be induced to travel to the British Colonies to seek his fortune.In the early records of Maryland, his name was spelled inconsistently as Dalahide, Dalahyde, Dolahide, Dolihide, or Dollahyde, but in one record, he signed his own name as "Francis Dollahide."Francis Dollahide may well have been a wealthy man when he arrived in Maryland, but to save declaring his wealth, arranged to be transported (had his passage paid by someone else).This was common for a person with property going to North America from the British Isles who wanted to avoid paying heavy taxes on his property before leaving.Nicholas Gassaway, who had transported eleven persons into the province of Maryland. However, substantial evidence reveals that Francis Dollahide was well educated and later became an important land owner, politician, and a prominent member of the local gentry.In several records of colonial Maryland, he was referred to as "Mr.

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