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As my time working in Munich as a tour guide taught me, however, there’s always an occasional tourist who chooses to butt into this municipally approved summer idyll with a roving zoom lens. We are going to ask them why is this woman, living with this child?The following images are of a graphic nature and may be disturbing to some views. You never can tell, this child might be a sister, or a relation to this woman. One spot is barely ten minutes from Munich’s main square, located along a stream to which tourists flock. While these areas’ locations in parkland gives them a degree of seclusion, none of them are fenced off or hidden away. People in Munich are now officially welcome to go naked provided they restrict themselves to six designated areas across the city. MORE PHOTOS AFTER THE STORY The answer they came up with is a qualified yes.There are no independent confirmation of the allegations, also, there is no information as to whether any of the passengers on board survived the crashed According to Nigeria Police Force Public Relations Officer, Frank Mba , Following the conclusion of tortuous legal and diplomatic processes between Nigeria and the Republic of Sudan, the co-mastermind of the Nyanya Motor Park bombing in which scores of citizens died and hundreds wounded, Aminu Sadiq Ogwuche was Tuesday, 15th July, 2014 extradited to the country from Sudan where he had taken refuge. Given that so many Western countries have taboos around public nudity, how does Germany manage this insouciance?

One question they often ask these successful guys is, " Why not get another job ".

It would be recalled that the terror fugitive who had long since been arrested in Sudan following an international red notice issued for his arrest by the Nigeria National Bureau of Interpol had not been repatriated to the country before now due to some necessary processes involved in transferring suspects from one country to another. What Germany does have, nonetheless, is a strong cultural tradition that seeks to escape artifice and the pressures of city life to return to something supposedly more natural.

Meanwhile, the Inspector-General of Police, IGP MD Abubakar, CFR, NPM, mni, psc while commending the personnel of the Nigeria Police Interpol Unit for a job well done, noted that the successful repatriation of the terror fugitive to Nigeria shows that the global coalition against terrorism championed by Nigeria is beginning to yield the desired result. Seen in this light, stripping off in public is the voluntary removal of a heavy mask, a return to unvarnished honesty rather than some titter-worthy peek-a-boo.

A Malaysian Boeing 777 airliner with 295 passengers on board has crashed into the border between Russia and Ukraine. Indeed, you can actually be asked to take your bathing suit off if you turn up with one.

Several reports indicated that the aircraft which was flying from Amsterdam’s Schipol airport to Kuala Lumpur was shot down by Russian forces. This is – I think – in case the sweat it collects ends up on the sauna’s wooden benches, or to assure you don’t make other people feel uncomfortable in their nakedness.

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