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(although our West Coast members occasionally get together in California). The RMCA sponsors the roadmaps-l e-mail list, discussing mainly oil company and official maps from North America (and occasionally worldwide) from the last century.

Membership of the list is free, though we encourage users to join RMCA.

Explore vintage vehicle displays and interactive exhibits featuring cars, buses, motorcycles from 1890s - 1980s.

This page provides links to (almost) everything that you might want to know about road maps, and how to start collecting them. to get a sneak peek at the benefits of becoming a Member of the RMCA. Dixie Gas web site is register to be a dealer, download this form and mail it to be received by Aug 1. North American Major Oil Companies’ Map Master Lists.

As well as providing links to each of these issues, the Legend download page provides a summary of contents of all issues, which is useful if you are trying to find a specific article in one of the printed magazines.

Annual Meet We also have an annual meet, generally in the summer or early fall, often in Indiana, Texas or Tennessee.

As an organization of business and professional women we feel uniquely qualified to help women and girls live their dreams. The Live Your Dream Awards assist women who provide the primary source of financial support for their families by giving them the resources they need to improve their education, skills, and employment prospects. The 96-page, color catalog offers hundreds of excellent pro-life & chastity resources, including; books, videos, pamphlets, brochures, T-shirts, fetal models, pro-life checks, Precious Feet lapel pins, bumper stickers and more. Partial-Birth Abortion Overview For more information about this late-term abortion procedure (wherein the baby is delivered, except for the head, before being killed), click NRLC on Partial-Birth Abortion and People For on PBA Women on Waves was formed to kill babies by abortion worldwide.To receive a free catalog, call the following toll-free number and mention Pro-Life America and Love 1-800-858-3040 Powerful quotes from these celebrities on love, life and abortion: Patricia Heaton... Please help us expose their evil agenda by using this site ( to warn friends and relatives about abortion.The 2017 RMCA Annual Expo this year will be held in conjunction with the Dixie Gas Show in Sevierville TN next to the Appalachian Mountains and the Great Smokey Mountain National Park. We will have our own building on the grounds where many other dealers are in a large area outside. * Please make your reservations by Aug 10 and make sure you reference RMCA for the discount rate of Rate is for Sept 6 Hampton Inn Dandridge 865-940-1200 Public pages are visible to everyone, and provide an introduction to the map collecting hobby. Links to an article from Legend #45 (the club’s newsletter) that looks at some of the types of maps collected: oil company issues, official state issues, auto club maps, those published in a single year, maps with scenic covers, maps for special events… Some of our members have their own websites, either as map dealers/traders, or simply to showcase favorite maps from their collection. If you’re just starting to collect oil company maps, or if you have a map that you are looking to sell on e Bay and are not sure if it’s rare, this page list the main oil companies, most of whose maps are quite commonly found. Dating maps from the big cartographers is remarkably easy – once you know the codes!A wonderful time to see thousands of maps, visit with other collectors and consider some vacation time. Also some attendees from the Shades of the Past Rod Run auto show in Pigeon Forge at Dollywood will come by the Dixie show. This page explains how they work, and should be checked by all vendors before trying to sell a map (please!

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