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Markson, who brought out Cherie six years ago, has eschewed any distastefulness, shamelessly trumpeting that this time round the junket is “for profit” (in Cherie’s case, the emphasis was placed on minuscule charity donations following a media storm).Away from the international glitz and glamour instilled by former dignitaries and world leaders, the domestic speaker scene is also booming.we monitor all our activity and we’ve been returning to pre-GFC conditions.The market’s strong for quality people.” However, Broadbent said it was important to draw a distinction between the big wig seminars and the everyday corporate advice circuit, which orbits at a somewhat lower altitude.Meanwhile, ICMI’s Markoff has some further advice for those at the bottom: go it alone and risk getting roped in to shoddy work at embarrassing non-events like children’s birthday parties.“It’s horses for courses if you don’t get independent advice,” he said.

Even journalists can command between 00 and ,000 a speech with recruit Paul Barry says his fee is between 00 and 00 and comic Catherine Deveny, who is booked solid until November and is urging panels to hire more women through her website nochicksnoexcuses, invoices for 00 but will slash that if it’s a struggling community group.Established commercial TV journos such as David Koch and George Negus demand at least twice that.Mayne sounded a note of caution in an industry that sees some journalists accepting paid speaking gigs while simultaneously writing on the industries they lecture: “From a journalistic integrity point of view, the whole area of paid speaking gigs is poorly regulated, poorly disclosed and ripe for abuse.Other major tours by Bob Geldof, naturalist David Attenborough and management guru Stephen Covey are also planned, with each inspiring orator billing between ,000 and 0,000 for their time.For a one-hour speech, that’s about 00 a minute.

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