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When the Rolling Stones played London’s Hyde Park in 1969, Mick Jagger wore a white 'man's dress' designed by British designer Mr Fish.

Mr Fish, also known as Michael Fish, was the most fashionable shirt-maker in London, the inventor of 'the Kipper tie', and a principal taste-maker of 'the Peacock revolution' in men’s fashion.

The symbolism and meaning of androgyny was a central preoccupation of the German mystic Jakob Böhme and the Swedish philosopher Emanuel Swedenborg.

Androgyny and homosexuality are seen in Plato’s Symposium in a myth that Aristophanes tells the audience.

People used to be spherical creatures, with two bodies attached back to back who cartwheeled around.

Philosophers such as Philo of Alexandria, and early Christian leaders such as Origen and Gregory of Nyssa, continued to promote the idea of androgyny as humans' original and perfect state during late antiquity.” In medieval Europe, the concept of androgyny played an important role in both Christian theological debate and Alchemical theory.

Influential Theologians such as John of Damascus and John Scottus Eriugena continued to promote the pre-fall androgyny proposed by the early church fathers, while other clergy expounded and debated the proper view and treatment of contemporary “hermaphrodites.” Western Esotericism’s embrace of androgyny continued into the modern period.

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This is one of the earlier written references to androgyny.

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