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Women like the idea of being swept away in the moment. He jumps over the moat, climbs the tower, lifts her up over his shoulder, and props her onto his horse.

He slays the dragon and the happy couple is whisked away into the glimmering night sky.

Now it doesn’t matter how good at seduction you are, your woman will go back and sleep with you because in reality she already knows you and will play along.

What you don’t want to be is a wet noodle of a nice guy. So he never goes for what he wants or does anything to excite her.

A nice guy sees anything more than small talk as disrespectful so he never says anything interesting.

A nice guy is too worried about her approval so he never does anything daring.

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They want to trick, pressure or force young people into sex. ‘Paedophiles’ would rather have sex with children and young people than with adults.

That’s the appeal of a bad boy fantasy stranger whom she quickly sleeps with.

A woman can be as bad as she wants and not feel guilty because the sexy stranger is acting even badder.

It’s a common female fantasy for women to have sex with someone they’ve just met. The fantasy is not always sex with a stranger per se, but the fantasy of being seduced, swept away by a sexy, mysterious man.

Sex with someone new brings excitement and the thrill of the unknown.

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