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The popularity of historical swashbuckler stories declined in the nuclear-haunted 1950s, but the genre revived in the late 1960s with the success of paperback reprints from the adventure pulps of twenty to thirty years earlier. And if that sounds appealing to you, then this is your book. MORE SWASHBUCKLING ADVENTURE Keep scrolling for the Table of Contents to The Big Book of Swashbuckling Adventure!Most popular were the fantastic adventures of Edgar Rice Burroughs, author of the John Carter of Mars series, and Robert E. Fantasy collections are common these days, so this anthology is dedicated to the swashbuckler’s roots: historical adventures by the masters of the genre. Sword and Mitre by Rafael Sabatini The Sin of the Bishop of Modenstein by Anthony Hope Pirates’ Gold by H.The more I thought about the idea, the better I liked it, so I sat down and starting making notes. First, it would need to catch the attention of contemporary readers, which meant including recognizable, marquee names, of both characters and authors.Second, it would have to be attractive to mainstream publishers, which meant inexpensive to produce (works in the public domain), and couched in a familiar, saleable format – in this case, a “Big Book,” a fat collection of at least 200,000 words.And it introduces two new swashbuckling heroes in Dumas’ classic mode, the eponymous Comte de Moret and his right-hand rogue, Étienne Lathil.For the anthology I translated and excerpted the chapters that lead up to and conclude the novel’s climactic battle in the snowy Alps.Scott’s popular take on Robin Hood appeared within a novel – Ivanhoe – and couldn’t be conveniently or coherently excerpted, so that narrowed it down to Egan.I selected his retelling of Robin’s encounter with Guy of Gisborne because it’s energetic and charmingly lurid, and most readers would recognize the name of the villain.

Weyman The Black Death by Marion Polk Angellotti The Fight for Black Bartlemy’s Treasure by Jeffery Farnol MORE SWASHBUCKLING ADVENTURE Compiling The Big Book of Swashbuckling Adventure By Lawrence Ellsworth I’ve been reading and collecting swashbuckling adventure fiction for many years – my whole life, really.

The 1920s through 1940s were the heyday of the Hollywood swashbuckler, but they continue to find favor with moviegoers right up to the present, notably in the recent Pirates of the Caribbean series. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings books, ensured the swashbuckler’s continued pre-eminence, albeit in a setting of fantasy rather than history.

In fact, in the century from 1911 to 2011, The Three Musketeers alone was filmed more than two dozen times. In today’s bookstores the Fantasy shelves bulge with tales of dashing swordsmen and (increasingly) swordswomen, testament to the continued appeal of a bold story clearly told, featuring a rogue maintaining his or her personal integrity in the face of death and dishonor.

A couple years ago, while in the middle of a long (and now completed—see The Red Sphinx!

) translation project, it occurred to me that I probably knew enough about the subject to be able to compile a pretty interesting anthology.

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