Cheating while dating and cheating while married

You cannot do that if you don’t play and have fun together.This article offers helpful advice about how to begin playing together again.Before a couple ever tells anyone they are getting divorced they should talk face to face, and decide how they want to tell those they love most.Telling your family and friends should never come through an email, text, or Facebook.Love is a delicate thing; a marriage failure perhaps more.The way you end your marriage story helps predict the ability of everyone to heal. …I have gone to several wedding where the couples met online.

This article offers helpful advice to raising emotional low libido. Minimizing the pain and emotional damage of a divorce can only happen if the couple, prior to divorce, makes it their intention.

Men and women suffer equally from the emotional and relationship affects of low libido.

Women who believe men have it easier in this area or that men aren’t emotional may be surprised to know my counseling practice has a higher ratio of men who suffer than women.

Bad sex happens, but it doesn’t happen forever unless you stop the intimacy.

Changing a bad sex partner for a good sex partner is an option many people choose in real life, but being a therapist has usually proven to me that you cannot wipe out bad sex by changing partners.

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