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The arcades is where townies go and start fights and do gas and where the caps at a 90 degree angle. BOY ARE YOU WELL OUT OF DATE virgin, mvc virgin Who remebers Disc Jockey, the purveyor of mighty fine vinyl in the eighties?

Warrior Square for under aged girls to pull refugees! Get the vinyl in the day and gate crash the parties at the Chatsworth in the Evening eh?

Garage UK unfortunatly closed its doors to walk-in customers a couple of months ago.

I remember one particular night when I went for a piss at the Crypt only to find that, because of the tides and heavy rain, the traps and pans where backing up and overflowing. Ignore the screaming kids as their mothers beat them to be quiet.

Ignore the beggars looking for money for their next can of special brew.

Fubar - low capacity, more of a pre-club than an actual end up there for the majority if the night place. Crypt - indifferent due to the diversity of its inhabitants. (GONE) YYEEESSSSS - I have found the House of Yendor - I got invited there one night when I was out of it skating on the se front - the place rules - they have punk and metal in the main room, Dn B in the sub room with a skate ramp!! There is also loads of other stuff going on with people playing with fire and stuff!! Much respect to everyone at Yendor for providing the best night out I've had since coming to Hastings!! THE CARLISLE White Rock Pavilion, Shackin Stevens has played here Pissarios for those who like live jazz. Not for the young, just the young at heart, mainly inhabited by thirty somethings like ME!

There are two places that are half decent - they are the crypt and Fubar - they sometimes (rarely) have punk bands on which is cool - but if you come to the town to skate see if you can find the legendary House of Yendor - the place rules but it's very hard to find out about as everyone is so secretive about it and no -noe knows when the next big thing will go off there!! Saturdays is now appealing to an older (25s ) crowd. goerge street hall occasionaly has sum good things but the FILO is really good wen it gets some acts Hastings is surprisingly blessed with some fantastic live music venues.

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