Dating for cat lovers

Not surprisingly, we see traces of homophily: Cat people tend to be friends with other cat people and dog people with other dog people.Specifically, cat people are 2.2 times more likely to befriend other cat people when compared to randomly chosen friends from the general population.About 30% of cat people are single, compared to just 24% of dog people.

On the other hand, dog people are more likely to express excitement or pride.

And cat people are especially fond of fantasy, sci-fi, and anime, while dog people like love stories and things about, well, dogs.

The charts below show the proportions of fans for books, TV shows, and movies, comparing the ratio of dog- to cat-people fans, accounting for the fact that there are slightly more dog people on Facebook.

Some of the preferences for TV shows, books, and movies may reflect where dog and cat lovers live: dog people are more concentrated in rural areas, where there’s more space for a dog to exercise, while cat people are more often found in cities (though many dog and cat lovers live in both kinds of places).

While dog people have more friends, we don’t see evidence that they’re checking into more places than cat people (maybe everyone’s too busy catching Pokemon). Examining de-identified, aggregate data from Facebook’s feelings feature (where you can annotate a status update with moods like “feeling excited” or “feeling blue”), we find that cat people are indeed disproportionately likely to say they’re feeling tired, but also happy and loved.

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And we nearly broke Facebook in the process — hundreds of adorable pictures followed, some of which are peppered throughout this story.

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