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He is shown to arrive on the boat from the Adriatic Sea, along with a pack of prominent diamonds smuggled into the United States, which serves as the game's plot. According to Niko, Roman's mother was raped and murdered during the war, although Roman believes she died in a house fire; to this day, Niko could not find it in his heart to tell Roman of his mother's true fate.Roman claims to be living the American Dream to his relatives and that he has two women, four hot tubs and fifteen sports cars.Niko is criticized by many of his friends and (most notably) by Roman for this weakness.

Niko came into the United States as a personal call from Roman. Roman and Niko's fathers were brothers, and like Niko's father, Roman's father was also an abusive alcoholic.

The player controls Niko Bellic, an immigrant from Eastern Europe.

According to Dan Houser, "virtually none of the characters from the previous games returned, as the GTA IV era is set in a parallel universe compared to the GTA III era.

He later discovers that two other members of the unit also survived, and concludes that one of those two sold the unit out for money.

Niko vows to track down the culprit, motivated not solely by revenge, but a need for closure and to move on with his own life.

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