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Methodology Participants were invited by email to complete a series of questions regarding their disaster recovery practices.In exchange they were offered a gift card and entered in a drawing for an Apple Watch.Die Spielliste der Band enthält hat aber nicht nur fetzige Stücke zum Abfeiern wie „Back in the USSR“ von den Beatles, „Happy together“ von den Turtels oder auch „Under my thumb“ von den Rolling Stones sondern auch immer auch besinnliche Songs zum Träumen wie „It´s all over now, Baby Blue“ von Bob Dylan, oder „Have you ever see the rain“ von CCR. „No Mery“ spielt ab etwa 21 Uhr und möchte dann bis tief in den Mai hinein das Publikum mit handgemachter Musik vergangener Jahrzehnte begeistern. „No Mercy“ bilden die Musiker Stein Bringeland (Gitarre, Mandoline, Harp, Gesang), Bernd Lewien (Gitarre, Keyboard, Querflöte, Gesang), Karl-Friedrich Rüting (Gitarre, Gesang), Rüdiger Janetzki (Orgel, Klavier, Gesang), Eckhard Rumsch (Bass), Rolf Rüting (Technik), Klaus Eckhard (Gesang, Percussion), Volker Helmke (Ukulele, Percussion, Gesang) und Christian Paul (Schlagzeug). Kartenvorverkauf: Buchhandlung Hüllhorst Foto-Pescht Lübbecke Eintritt: V. Using storage volumes in the cloud to store a synchronized, updated copy of an entire app environment, including network and security settings, configs, patches and data, means that costs can be kept low compared to a traditional secondary data center and production instances can be launched at the push of a button. Our survey also found that recovery point objectives were not as troublesome as test frequency.Although about 33% or respondent did report RPOs greater than 12 hours, 58% had RPOs less than 12 hours. Using the cloud as a secondary data center can also reduce RPOs from 12 hours to one hour or less, depending upon the frequency of changes to the app environment and the amount of available bandwidth.

Blues-Highlight 2017 Kulturring Hüllhorst: Weihnachtsblues mit Richie Arndt & The Bluenatics feat. For most firms, it is management by checkbox and denial, which leads to a complex and hard to maintain process.The good news is that with new hyper-scale cloud DR operating models, including pilot light DR, firms can leverage automation to reduce costs and complexity, enhance protection and improve recovery objectives. Let’s consider the core of the problem; that fact that a lack of internal resources and process complexity are causing firms to avoid testing their DR environments, even after considerable capex and opex investments are made in secondary data centers.Yet only 42% of those surveyed tested quarterly or monthly.When IT pros were asked why they did not adequately test their DR environments (and accept unnecessary gaps in protection), respondents cited several challenges, including inadequate internal resources, DR process complexity and the lack of prioritization.

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