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The XML validator in XMLSpy is powered by the Altova Raptor XML validation engine, which was written from the ground up to provide the closest possible standards conformance coupled with fast validation speeds.

This section describes how to create your own empty DTD. See "Generating a DTD from an Existing XML File." To create an empty DTD: A document type definition (DTD) describes the grammar that can be used in an XML file and indicates the valid arrangement of the file's tags.

This page gives instructions on how to configure various editing programs for writing XML with schema validation.

This helps by finding errors in XML structure, and displaying the list of elements and attributes allowed at any point in the XML file.

You have full control over which fix is implemented, but XMLSpy will make the selected change automatically, reducing the time spent troubleshooting and testing considerably.

In addition, as you work, intelligent XML editor features such as context-sensitive code completion and entry helper features offer you valid choices based on the content model and your location in a document.

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