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I flirted with the idea of emailing him, but decided against it.Days later I found myself going back to look at his picture, and decided to email him.Having a 'just-Greek' personals site is a blessing just waiting to be taken advantage of.I was hesitent to sign-on at first, for obvious 'What-if-someone-recognizes-me' reasons, but that's the whole point: to meet people.The email was simple - complimenting him on his good looks and commenting that I had a hard time believing someone with his good looks had any trouble finding dates.He responded 10 days later, thanking me, and saying that he was just looking to meet Greeks from all over.

I thought that she was writing from Greece as that is where the Agapeonline is , I thought naively,as it proved.After being set up on numerous blind dates thru my friends and family and of course they all went no where. Would you believe this guy lived only a couple of blocks away from me, it took the internet to meet.... Well, I'm happy to say it's been 6 months and our relationship just keeps getting better and better.... The second email message was to advise that I had travelled to Canada where we became engaged.It's been a little more than a year since I posted the above message. Well the third and possibly the last email is this one.Having relocated to Melbourne from Toronto, it was a major move on my part, but Pete was well worth it.To all of you ladies out there, if you feel you've met the right man and have considered all the factors, then just follow your heart.

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I didn't think any existed - as far as English content is concerned.

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