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I always say that I’m five miles wide and half an inch deep.I’m very interested in a lot of different topics, and for me, morning television really kind of fed all those different curiosities.Gretchen Carlson may have been fired last year from her job at Fox News, but it hasn’t slowed her down one bit.After filing and settling a sexual harassment lawsuit against her former boss at Fox for a reported million, Gretchen has transitioned from journalism to advocacy.When I’m talking to someone, I want them to feel—and I feel—that they’re the only person on planet earth in that moment in time.

I really work hard to not ask every question they’ve been asked at some entertainment junket.Longtime political analyst Norm Ornstein joins us to reflect on the upcoming anniversary of Donald Trump’s election.We discuss the “seeds of Trumpism,” the changing Republican Party and the future of American civic life.I spent 72 hours with counter-protesters leading up to Saturday’s violent Unite the Right rally. This episode features Katie Couric, longtime network anchor and, until recently, global anchor of Yahoo! But I want to start with morning news because it is the thing that, when I see, I feel least like I could do that. Katie: Well, it was very exciting because I am a real generalist.

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Plus, Ornstein opens up about his late son’s struggle with mental illness and his push for mental health policy reform.

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