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“Nine years of my life was playing a guy who was honestly just seeking redemption and to love his family even though he didn’t know how to do it,” he said. Like how not to be a dad.” Thanks to Johansson’s hijinks, the panel took on a zany tone that kept the audience laughing from beginning to end.

At one point, he pulled small containers of Spam out of his back pocket and doled them out to fans that asked good questions.

Just last week, Eve said she's happily single since her break-up with Lafferty, with whom she had a notoriously private relationship.

Lenz choose the scene when, after getting married, Haley and Nathan recorded a voicemail message as a couple.

I am coming for all these assholes that are sending James hate.

James is a sweet and humble man that will do the right thing.

My advice to an aspiring actor would be to never stop learning or working for what you want.

Nothing comes easy, ever, if you want something, you have to work for it.

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It’s not because Mark is a piece of shit that it means that the other are.

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