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Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada keeps a copy of the Book of Mormon in his office and is an active member of the LDS church, though some fellow Mormons disagree with his Democratic politics.

Attorneys from Utah-based Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are trying to stop a Spring man from using the word "Mormon" and pictures of their iconic Salt Lake City temple on a dating website he plans to launch for Mormon singles. "The point of Mormon Match is to connect faithful Mormons looking to befriend, date and marry other faithful Mormons.

Their job was to seize a bridge and a town square and drive out the Taliban. We were getting drilled.” Spring led the platoon’s assault and machine gun squads, getting closer to the enemy than anyone else so he could see where they were and shoot at them, the commendation letter said.

He wanted to play junior hockey but couldn’t afford it, so he joined the military instead.“I don’t think the general public gives al-Qaida and the Taliban enough credit. By drawing their fire, Spring freed up other members of the platoon to advance. “Exposing himself at great personal risk throughout the day, he delivered reports to the machine gunners and assaultmen at the front of the platoon,” it read.It said his bravery and his presence in the worst of the fighting inspired the Marines in his platoon.In July 2009, his company was part of the surge into the Taliban strongholds in southern Afghanistan.Helicopters ferried them to the Mian Poshteh area in the Helmand River valley.

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  2. "My (non-practicing Methodist) husband of two years is the most compassionate, charitable, intellectually curious person I know--and those are the Jewish values I admire most." Just as I was feeling pleased with myself for penning such an astute column, I began to wonder if I'd given Jewish men a fair shake.