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Now it’s how we move on from here that matters and I hope the hate that I am damn sure many of us didn’t fucking see…will stop.

they broght back da BOMB HOUSE and youse truly sent his application to freestyle the hell out of it!

We need to rise above and this is not the path that will bring any one of us happiness.

Money wasn’t supposed to come between us, but it ultimately has.Continuous legal matters, visits from local animal control and very concerned neighbors that hadn’t taken the time to meet the animals.I could only do labor intensive jobs to help build proper containment, help look from them before animal control found them and thus the situation would be over.It takes an unlimited amount of time to be with even one Wolfdog with substantial content.Some rescues may not adapt well to my Ambassador/Model/Acting training because they are far too shy and all sorts of other factors that are in play.

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I will admit I have taken a backseat within the past few years due to the rising tensions, but I do stay up to date with events, happening’s and whatnot that have and are happening with all the artists. I remember special Faygo being passed around, constant chanting…the atmosphere has changed since then. It’s a toss up between Riddlebox, Shangri-la and Bizzar honestly. I want everyone reading this now, the artists as well, to go back and truly listen to the albums before all of this drama…consider of you are representing those values today.

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