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Take a short tour and join in an optional wine tasting at a local vineyard.

Cycle: 45km Overnight: Kues Cycling to Piesport brings you to the oldest wine growing community along the Moselle.

Set above the town is a hilltop castle, Burg Metternich.

Continue on passing Europe’s steepest vineyard at Bremmer Calmont.

Your cycling cruise in Germany begins in Koblenz which stands on the confluence of the Rhine and Moselle Rivers.

This trip is also available to solo cyclists (with a supplement) and is perfect as there are plenty of people to chat with every day. Upon arrival on the boat you will be supplied with printed instructions and detailed maps for each daily bike tour.As this city is fortified you can wander through its ancient streets up to the fortress.Overnight: Koblenz After breakfast sail to Alken, one of the oldest cities along the Moselle River and from here begin today’s bike tour.Your boat is always docked at night and only sails during the day.The 68 meter long MS Patria can accommodate a maximum of 68 guests. 7m², 2 single beds next to each other) with a window (the windows on the upper deck can be opened, but for safety reasons those on the lower deck are fixed), shower & toilet, and individually regulated air conditioning in all cabins on the lower deck, as well in the restaurant and salon.

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This authentic ship has a nice salon with a bar and large windows in front of the top deck.

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