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Pretending to be someone you're not with the aid of the anonymous mask of the internet is nothing new.

For as long as we've been plugged into the world wide web, people have been obscuring their true identities for a variety of purposes; from hacking and scamming to trolling and pranking.

Although that doesn’t sync with your account, we’ll be able to see if you look legit or not.

It's a step away from the linear section format favoured by other popular apps like OKCupid, when users are given the option to list their interests under favourite films, books, TV programmes etc.

Community manager Emily says Dattch chose a visual-heavy approach to inspire more creative, engaging female-friendly profiles.

“On traditional sites people will always put the same things - going out clubbing, going to the cinema, reading books’ - if you put a picture of the book you’re reading, it's much easier to click instantly whether you’ll get along.

It’s more proof." The pair felt traditional dating apps and sites weren't catering for women and the way the female mind prefers to digest information, and researched editorial, fashion and travel sites to create the app they felt best reflected the female user journey.

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  1. For something like this, it's all in the writing.' They'll ask you to mail them the first three chapters, and then they'll glance at them for about five seconds and then pass, politely, with their standard rejection letter." Reports one author, "The one time I pitched a novel, the person I pitched to asked me to send exactly the same package I would have sent as an unsolicited submission.