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I love Sidney’s passion, I loved his ideas, what he wanted to do with the book and I said “Ok, I want to do a TV series.” I think this particular book lends itself beautifully to a TV series and we’ll update it a little bit.

TF1 jumped on board and they gave us a lot of freedom.

Thet sent me names, sometimes they sent me the audition tapes.

Why did you chose Francois Velle to direct the show? He’s got a great eye for color, vision and he’s going to make something special. If I’m writing a book that takes place in America in the early 1970’s, the Vietnam war is always there but I don’t have to mention it on every page. People in Hollywood always say you know what this is like?

Instead of taking one of novels and condense it, I thought it would be so much more fun to expand on it. He came over from France and talked me into it, the same way it happened with Guillaume Canet (who directed the hit thriller “Tell No One”), I’ve done this twice and it’s been with crazy young French people.

Sidney is 31 and Guillaume was around the same age when I met him.

A lot of times, the American televisions may want to try to make it too ordinary.

Also, TF1 is a partner and I can’t think a network in the U. that gets the kind of audience that TF1 gets (averaging 8 or 9 million viewers on primetime).

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