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So they date them and leave them as fast as possible.

In fact, there’s a group of both men and women who are unconscious in regards to their approach when seeking love.

The conscious dater seeks compatibility as well as chemistry before ever considering a date.

Unfortunately though, these are precisely the things that are difficult to motivate yourself to do them when all the marketers tell you that you can find love simply by cruising the latest dating app while sitting on your couch watching Add these things up and incredible opportunities can happen.

Careless dating is real and it happens all the time.

Sure you can go out on 100 dates with the hope that one person might be a match or maybe you can pre-qualify (with a simple phone call) shared values before meeting in person. If you are tired of the “hit and miss” method, read on.

My heart is set on changing how we approach dating all together.

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