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Blues-rock, jazz, psychedelia, pop, hard rock, pretty/ugly, seductive/destructive, accessible/experimental.As with many classic bands that have been able to maintain an audience for forty years, there are many different facets about the Doors, each of which radiates at a different strength to each fan. I remember very well when I was trying to put together , how surprised I was that I found these guys to be one of the very hardest bands to match effectively.

I've mentioned the child/dark-side schizm of Pink Floyd's Syd Barrett.Start with : A Morrison-type vocalist fronting a band more like Black Sabbath or King Crimson, around 1970. Yeah, they could be baroque one moment and grungy the next.At least the vocals have Morrison's deep, moody vibe, though the band is clearly heavier, doomier, and more prog rock-inclined than the Doors. Whether Doors fans or Black Sabbath fans will be more inclined to like their two great albums, : Great band, some existential issues, pop/experimental, but the actual sound is significantly different. Yeah, hope and despair intermingled in some of their music. But I can't help but feel that more Beatles fans than Doors fans would turn on brightest to Love, considering the band's expertise with composition and arrangement, more than Dionysian expressionism.7) : Many moods/textures, rock/jazz/blues/folk/psych. Another excellent band from the late-60s LA psych scene.The best approach I could devise was to approach one or two elements in the Doors make-up, such as the vocals or the instrumentation, and try to match those, rather than match the entire essence.In fact, I still scratch my head about trying to come up with better recommendations for the Doors. I'll add that the de-emphasis on the guitar perhaps enabled the space for Morrison's presence and for the more atmospheric feel of some of the band's best material ("Riders on the Storm," "The End" etc).

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