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‘It was a stand against the mismanagement of the world and the corruption of power.’ In this sense, it seems as potent now as ever.

Matthew Worley, author of the forthcoming No Future: Politics, Punk and Society, 1976-84, argues you can find punk spirit in the revival of far-left politics: ‘You can draw a line from bands like Crass to the anti-capitalist protests today.’ Likewise the refusal of hacking group Anonymous to kowtow to anyone’s rule of law.

With its inherent perversity, it could be seen to sum up the punk movement as a whole.

In 1976 the Sex Pistols roared on to the scene with a series of riotous gigs, a wholly modern and anarchic approach to music, and an outrageous, ‘anti-fashion’ look characterised by unruly hair, piercings and deliberate dishevelment.

‘Cyber hacking wasn’t a term in 1976 but the impulse is the same,’ says Worley.

Our site has all the features you need to find goths in your area and will enable you to find local members matching your interests.You can see the tension in today’s debates about gender and identity, among many other things. Today’s world may be unrecognisable compared with that in which the original punks found themselves 40 years ago — but perhaps, in its own way, it’s just the same. Soon they were joined by The Clash, The Damned, Crass and others.To young people struggling to forge a future amid sky-high inflation, strikes and a post-recession jobs market, they were inspiring.

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