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If the script does not get registered properly, you will get script errors, which will explain why you have issues with scrolling to the item and why things...

c#,wpf,mvvm,telerik Okay so to help other users, I found this on the telerik forums: (Telerik Forum Link) There is one additional thing to do in order to make Rad Pdf Viewer work in a Win Forms application: you should ensure that the Application.

There is a whole host of new issues that arises with the viewstate now disabled, but we're working through those.

1) manually cancel the old DLL 2) manually add the newest DLL 3) remove the line in the webconfig referringto the... c#,asp.net,webforms,telerik I am not expert on telerik: Rad Menu but from my knowledge in server controller manu you can set properties attribute called Append Data Bound Items to "true" and that will keep hard coded Item c#,localization,telerik,silverlight-5.0,radtreeview After i post this on telerik forum they gave me an answer and it worked.asp.net,telerik,telerik-grid,telerik-mvc After a lot of researching I decided to implement sorting by myself using JS.Works fast for page size equals 396 my grid uses, of course can be made faster.kendo-ui,telerik,kendo-grid Here is the response I got from Telerik support: You will need to trigger the change event as well, as the Grid listens for it in order to update the value.Please see the updated example here: Uk E var units = e.container.find("[name='Units In Stock']").data("kendo Numeric Text Box"); units.value( .net,visual-studio,telerik Happens often to me that the wizard does that! c#,asp.net,asp.net-mvc,telerik,kendo-grid You need to configure the relationship between Note Form and Language models.

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Use the kendo.css theme, which applies the Bootstrap colors to the Kendo UI... it will display everything in the list, because in Select Method you are setting the function detail(). To overcome this you can use the On Search event handler of the radseachbox or simply use the Linq to filter the result and then return...

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