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11 eet film* A partir de Tangle sup^rleur gauche, de gauche i de haut en bee, en prenant le nombre d'images nteessaire. 1 2 3 1 2 3 4 5 6 MUd OCOTY RISOUITION TIST CHART (ANSI and ISO TEST CHART No. I |U IB U u 14.0 M22 2.0 1.8 ^ /APPLIED IIVMGE Inc 1653 East Main Street Rochester. ^:n K: 26 A GENTLEMAN OF THE SOUTH a pause ; " and on this night, of all nights in the year. " « Dat I does, mist'iss,'* said the old man, earnestly, " dat I does.En* den Marse Robert Underwood, he come in th'ough de side do', 'en Miss Marg'ret's ma say sum'p'n to him, en' he cross de hall widout lookin' at Marse Hinry, en' led Miss Marg'ret out er dyah. "Aunt Anne told me — I mean, /brought it — for Miss Beverley." 'Miss Beverley, eh? Bc Vtill,hen,.ke,youquit." from hu place at the fireside was s. 4b A GENTLEMAN OF THE SOUTH will all his wishes about the estate.En' dis heah little Miss El'nor,— whah wus jes' a little bitsy thing den, holdin' on to Miss Marg'ret's dress, — she stood dyah 'bout a minute after dey all lef, lookin' up in Marse Hinry's face ; en' den she bust out cryin' en' runned away. Did Miss Anne tell (( .i^^i' ■^^^ A GENTLEMAN OF THE SOUTH 47 youitwudmetod, her that? ,ilin„l„ -ying the ,ou„, „.„, .„zrs ":: id;:*-"— '^-^"'"^ "Captain Fitzhugh Selden! He told mc to take his sword and »;o hang it up there across the one he wore in the old war.

Lorsque le document est trop grand pour Atre reproduit en un seul clich*.

CIHM ICIMH Microfiche Collection de Series microfiches (l\/lonographs) (mosiographies) Canadian Instituta for Hiatorical Microraproductions / Inttitut Canadian da microraproductions Itittoriquaa 1994 Twhnical ai Ml Bibliographic Notts / Not M tachniqi Ms et bibliographiqu M Tha Inttituta has anamptad to obtain tha bast original copy availabit for filming.

Faaturas of this copy %vhich may ba bibliographically uniqua, which may altar any of tha imagas in tha raproduction, or which may significantly changt tha usual matlrad of filming, arc chackad balow.

^°* 14X 18X J 22X 26X SOX 12X If X 20X 24X 28X 32X The copy filmad h«r« has boan reproduced thanks to ths gensrosity of: National Ubrar/ of Canada L'axemplaira fllm A fut roproduit grica i la gtntrosit A da: Bibliothiqua nationala du Canada Tha imagas appearing hare are the bast quality possible considtiring the condition and legibility of the original copy and In keeping with the filming contract specifications.

Las images sulvantee ont 4t* reproduites avac le plus grsnd soln, compte tenu de la condition at da la nattet* de I'exemplaire film*, et en conform M avac les conditions du contrat de filmage.

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