Stuck on updating blizzard launcher windows 8

But this is a constant thing as of last week, every time I start the Launcher, it checks for updates. Make sure that Windows is set to show hidden files. Navigate to the C:\Program Data folder and delete the folder and the Blizzard Entertainment folder.3.

Tried clearing «cache» files or folders, as well as run the repair tool on each launcher. Navigate to the Wo W folder and delete the «Updates» folder. Launch Wo W as an admin by right clicking on the launcher and selecting «Run as admin».

______________________________________________________ Nhuvasarim Try this to address the 134 error that you got:1.

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Let me know what happens.______________________________________________________ Nhuvasarim 1.

Make sure that your version of Flash is up to date.

Around version 1.1.0, the term "Beta" was removed from the app and related web pages, but Blizzard never officially announced the Beta was ending or a release.

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I load the game and when it is checking for updates it does nothing!

Every time I start the World of Warcraft Launcher, it keeps «Checking For Updates» as well as «Downloading Updates For Blizzard Launcher» before the launcher even shows.

It's like a standard Windows Aero window, with Windows standard progress bar and the World of Warcraft logo in the window.

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