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Dapin writes with tremendous swagger (his style is a head-on collision of Steve Toltz and Joseph Heller).In Nashville and Shorty he's created two memorable characters: an unlikely couple defined by physical and psychological contrasts that suggest they may become enemies.London CELEBRATING 75 YEARS OF WHERE MAGAZINE wherenowapp® DOWNLOAD FOR FREE ® NOVEMBER 2011 THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO GO® DA VINCI AT THE NATIONAL GALLERY IT’S COCKTAIL HOUR STUNNING STEAKHOUSES MUSIC OF THE NIGHTFrom ‘The Phantom Of The Opera’ to ‘Ghost’,...

They take something that almost everyone thinks they know something about, re-examine it from a completely unexpected direction and present the reader with a whole new take on their expectations ...'Dapin's writing is more than witty, tough, moving and highly original: it's explosive.' ROBERT DREWE John 'Nashville' Grant is an American military policeman in the R&R town of Vung Tau, tucked safely behind the front lines of the Vietnam War.Nashville knows how everything works: the army, the enemy, bars, secrets, men and – at least in Vung Tau – women.Written with a brilliant, concise wit and brutal, uncompromising insight, R&R is a startlingly original portrait of men and war in the twilight zone behind the front, a searing study of the violence that we do to others, and ourselves. I'll admit when I came to this Vietnam War story about two Military Police - one a seen-it-all hard-drinking womanising American, and one a naïve but very tall Australian with reservations: I didn't fancy being immersed in that macho violent brutal crude world.But I was wrong, and knew it within the first twenty pages, which were bracingly alive with a heady mixture of bawdy humour and raw masculine energy.

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Shorty knows nothing about anything, and he wishes people would stop mistaking that for stupidity.

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