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Traditionally, whoever initiated the date would pick up the bill but, these days, it’s much more common to split the bill.But if your date does insist on paying, it’s more polite to graciously accept than argue about it! Trying to act aloof by waiting three days after a date to get in touch doesn’t work in today’s age of instant communication.That's because they're cheaper and come out much sooner than it.While the X will cost 9 when it comes out in November, the i Phone 8 and i Phone 8 Plus start at 9 and 9 respectively, and begin shipping to buyers on 22 September, a week after preorders open.In fact, only 4% of people think you should purposely wait before replying to a message from a date.If you enjoyed the date, don’t be afraid to send them a quick message and let them know that you’d like to see them again.’ ‘When dating online or in person, be wary of anyone who seems to be asking for a lot of your personal informal early on.It may sound strange but it really works.’ ‘When we laugh we release endorphins, which can help us to relax.

That means you can call people, use Maps, stream songs and access Siri directly on the watch, independently of your phone.That means picture quality will be fantastic – both super sharp and incredibly detailed – though you have to own a 4K HDR TV and actually be watching 4K HDR content to benefit.Apple TV 4K is available for 9 and you can order it from 15 September.It will start shipping a week later, on 22 September.No longer embarrassing or, God forbid, cringe-worthy, half of all single people now use online dating sites to find love. There are literally hundreds of dating sites out there.

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And there’s nothing worse than spending time with someone who’s constantly looking over our shoulder at something or someone else.

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