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Firstly, I agree with shadesandcolour in that you should not modify the default copy of python that came with your mac because there could be scripts that may not work properly when run using the Python 3.0 interpreter.

Having said that, to install that latest Python (3.2.2 at the time of this post), you should first download the Python installer from the official website. Run the "Update Shell Profile.command" file in /Applications/Python(ver) folder.

There you will find the Terminal application which you can double click on to launch.

In the Terminal application, you will see a character such as # packages in environment at /Users/chastang/anaconda: # alabaster 0.7.7 py35_0 anaconda 4.0.0 np110py35_0 anaconda-client 1.4.0 py35_0 ...

After python has been installed, you need to edit your path by typing "sudo nano /etc/paths" at the command line. Next just "cut" the line "/usr/local/bin" and "paste" it BEFORE the occurrence of "/usr/bin".

Save the file, close any open terminals and run a new instance of terminal.

OS X is just a little bit goofy, but it works the same way.

First get the full picture by running the following commands: Now that you know what is pointing where, and what interpreter is being loaded from the PATH, you can make the appropriate changes to the PATH and/or symlinks.

However, you're going to want a few more tools eventually to help you expand to more complex projects. For me, the hardest thing about branching out was figuring out what tools I really needed and how to interpret their install instructions.

numexpr 2.5 np110py35_0 numpy 1.10.4 py35_0 odo 0.4.2 py35_0 ...

This short tutorial will show you how to properly install Python 3 on a Mac OS X computer.

You can then use the same techniques to confirm the proper changes.

For more good information about python installation on mac OS see dive into python3 and farmdev.

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