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It is my favorite place.” Ahmad is a bright boy, with big eyes and a shy smile.

He lives with his parents and six younger brothers and sisters in a humble home in one of the neighbourhoods of Moundou.

Previously, the classrooms were constructed of clay and chopped straw, and bricks were used for benches.

“Teachers are not effectively equipped for their work, the classrooms are very dilapidated and the learners work without textbooks,” says Mrs Mogezolcandar.

Despite recent improvements, primary school enrolment rate remains low, quality education is lacking, and girls are especially disadvantaged.

About one child in five does not go to primary school and, for those in school, only one in three finishes primary education.

They all sleep in the same bedroom, and only a few thin mats separate them from the sandy ground. From time to time he sells vegetables and boiled eggs at the market, which brings in some extra income.

Nevertheless, he has a clear objective in life: to finish his education.

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