Workaholic dating

A lot of actions (canceling dates, not calling, no sex, text-o-holic tendencies) that are making it very clear you’re not even on the back burner — you’re shivering from frostbite in the backyard.

More on that in a bit; first, some thoughts on possible motivations behind his confession.A few of the lyrics: “Never there, you’re never there, you’re never, ever, ever, ever there.” Even if you’ve never heard the catchy little ditty, that should sound familiar.Let me put it this way: Take out the part of your letter about what your scarce sweetie said – via text, mind you – and what do you have?Keep in mind not to be pushy, and that you’re not your sweetie’s secretary. You need to help them to realize that you understand why they work so hard and that you think your relationship — and life in general — could benefit from some balance.While discussing things, avoid laying the blame as your significant other may get defensive about it, and it could work against you.

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(There are no romantic feelings on my part, though, and he knows this.) It was after some drinks one night (just me and him) that it happened … I mean, what in the devil does he want me to do with that information?

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